MSI Line Card  

  1. Compressors
A. Industrial Electric, Rotary 15 – 500 HP
B. Shop, Tank-mount, Recip 5-10 HP, 80 – 240 Gal
C. Contractor Hand Carry 1.5 HP, 4 CFM
D. Wheel Barrow 8 HP, 16 CFM @ 150PSI
E. Service truck type, 30 gal Gas, 17 CFM@175 PSI
F. Portable Diesel
1. 125 CFM
2. 185 CFM
3. 260 CFM
4. 375 CFM
5. 375 CFM (H)
6. 750 CFM
7. 900 CFM (H)
8. 1600 CFM
G. Compressor Parts
H. Compressor Lubricants

2. Pressure washers
A. Light Duty, <3000 PSI
B. Medium Duty, 3000-4000 PSI
C. Heavy Duty, 4000-6000 PSI
D. Parts & Accessories

3. Sandblasting equipment
A. Portable Blast Pots
B. Blast Cabinets
C. Bulk Pots
D. Recirculating/Recovery equipment
E. Hand Held & Suction Feed
F. Accessories/Supplies/Parts

4. Abrasives
A. General Purpose (KleenBlast)
B. Garnet
C. Aluminum Oxide
D. Green Diamond
E. Star Blast
F. Silicon Carbide
G. Walnut shell
H. Glass Bead
I. Bicarbonate of Soda
J. Steel Shot/Grit
K. Sands, not for abrasive blasting:
1) Color Quartz
2) Silica
3) Golf Course Divot Sand
4) Aquarium Sand

5. Shot Blasting equipment
A. Blastrac Portable
B. Blastrac Ride-On (GPX)
C. Contec (Sinclair) Elephant
D. Contec (Sinclair) Mod 8

6. Concrete Grinders/Scarifiers, Coating Removal Tools
A. Target Dual Trak
B. Contec (Sinclair) Omega
C. RT-250 Airtec Scarifier
D. Swirl-Away Grinding head for 7” grinder
C. Modified Floor Machines
E. Scrapers, coating removal tools
F. BMS Ride-On Scraper
G. Turbo-Stripper Electric

7. Dust Collection
A. Portable, Diesel
B. Portable, Electric
C. Shop or installed
D. Dust Muzzles

8. Vacuums
A. Industrial Vacuum/Vec-Loader
B. Shop type

9. Pneumatic Tools
A. Busters, Drills, Jack Hammers, Chipping guns, Demo Hammers
B. Shop Tools; Drills, Sanders, Impact Wrenches, Paint Guns, Chisels
C. Long Reach Scalers, Needle Guns

10. Generators
A. Hand Carry, <5KW
B. Propane or Diesel Trailer mount >10 KW

11. Tanks/Drums/Pumps
A. Plastic
B. Steel
C. Drums, UN, Open, Closed, Plastic
D. Fuel Dispensers/Meters/Filters and Pumps
E. Double diaphragm pumps
F. Pneumatic submersible pumps
G. Trash pumps

12. Hose & Couplings
A. Sandblast
B. Air
C. Suction/Discharge
D. Fire
E. Grout
F. Vacuum
G. Water
H. Pressure Washer
I. Paint
J. Clear Plastic
K. Insecticide
L. Duct
M. Couplings, Valves, Connectors, Hose Restraints, OSHA fuses

13. Filters & Exhaust
A. Air, Oil, Fuel, Hydraulic Filters, Cooling System Treatment (Engine)
B. Air, Vapor, Carbon, HEPA ( Environmental Air)
C. Compressed Air (See Compressors, Accessories)

14. Engine Gauges & Controls and Electrical Components
A. Murphy Switch Gage & Engine controls
B. Switches, Meters, Solenoids, Hour Meters

15. Electric Motors & Electrical Components
A. Compressor and Blower Motors
B. Pressure Switches
C. Motor Starters

16. Pneumatic Controls, Components
A. Solenoid Valves
B. Pilot Valves
C. Dust Collector Valves
D. Regulators, filters, lubricators, (see Compressors, Accessories)

17. Safety Supplies
A. Respirators
B. Hearing Protection
C. Safety Glasses/Face Shields
D. Toe Protectors
E. Safety Boots
F. Coveralls; Disposable, water resistant and fire proof
G. Fall Protection

18. Chemicals, Coatings
A. Rust Remover, Phosbrite Cleaner,
B. Stone/Concrete cleaner, Oxymite Cleaner
C. Graffiti Remover, Taginator, Tagaway
D. Maintenance Chemicals, ZEP
E. Rust Destroyer Primer
F. Spray Adhesive, 3M 77, ZEP
G. Mean Green Hand soap, degreaser

19. Test Instruments, Monitors, Sensors
A. Air Line CO monitors
B. LEL Meters
C. Oxygen Meters
D. Coating thickness gauges
E. Wet film gauges
F. Holiday detectors
G. Profilometers
H. Sound Meters
I. Hygrometers

20: Welders
A. Gas 200A
B. Diesel >250A
C. Electric (stationary)

21. Ventilation
A. 8” & 12” Americ electric blowers
B. 20-48” area blowers
C. Explosion proof duct blowers
D. Eductors (air horns)
E. 20” turbine blowers
F. Blower duct hose








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